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Filip Coppens

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“Filip,you shall never be forgotten for all your wonderful work you have shared with so many around the world.Much love sent to you wherever you are...Read More »
1 of 100+ | Posted by: Jay Rusanda - Huxley, IA - Friend

“I know it has been several years sense Phillips passing but felt I should let the family and friends know he is still much missed and appreciated ....Read More »
2 of 100+ | Posted by: Jimmy Russell - Hot Springs, AR

“Filip,you are loved by many,you are forgotten by none,you will be remembered thru eternity of the love you shared with the world. Jay Rusanda,Iowa. ”
3 of 100+ | Posted by: Jay Rusanda - HUXLEY, IA - Friend

“I know you are in God's higher realm and you are continuing your work there as well,may you be lifted up to even higher realms as God intends. You...Read More »
4 of 100+ | Posted by: Jay Rusanda - Kelley, IA

“Filip,you will always be in our thoughts and remembered for all your hard efforts in your research of bringing us all the valuable knowledge we so...Read More »
5 of 100+ | Posted by: Jay Rusanda - Kelley, IA

“So terribly sorry for your loss. ”
6 of 100+ | Posted by: Suzanne Bundrick - Upland, IN

7 of 100+ | Posted by: DIANA DAVID-WELLS - FRAZIER PARK, CA

“Filip will always live in my mind. ”
8 of 100+ | Posted by: Gordon Weigleb - New Albany, IN

“Today, as I watched my latest DVR recordings of my favorite show, Ancient Aliens, I took special notice of Philip Coppens. His skin tone was a...Read More »
9 of 100+ | Posted by: Diana David-Wells - Santa Clarita, CA

“As a reader of his written works, and his contributions to Ancient Aliens, I found myself inspired to pursue higher education and investigate the...Read More »
10 of 100+ | Posted by: ALEJANDRO FIGUEREDO - Bristol, TN

“He hasn't left... ”
11 of 100+ | Posted by: Linda Emter - vancouver, WA

“Leave a condolence or a memory. ”
12 of 100+ | Posted by: Eric Barrellet

“As the one year Anniversary of loosing Filip approaches, it was good seeing and hearing him on recent Ancient Aliens. His knowledge will always be...Read More »
13 of 100+ | Posted by: Dianna Johnson - Hillman, MI

“Phil was a really cool guest on the JRE. He still comes to mind and forever will. Relax forever now, buddy<3 ”
14 of 100+ | Posted by: Alex

“You are on the mind of millions soul brother... and will never be forgotten. It's been a difficult year for your girl but know that she is being...Read More »
15 of 100+ | Posted by: Maggie - DeLand, FL

“Filip, What joy you brought to this world with your seemingly endless knowledge and curiosity. It was my pleasure to speak with you during our...Read More »
16 of 100+ | Posted by: Wes Owsley - Moscow, Russia

“Westerly Gillespie - "Filip we know you will be enjoying the other-side. KIA KAHA Cathleen, Love the Gillespies' in New Zealand" Koebyn Gillespie - ...Read More »
17 of 100+ | Posted by: Koebyn Matilda Gillespie

“I had the privilege of caring for Filip in the hospital before he passed. He and his wife were the nicest and finest of people. A beautiful place...Read More »
18 of 100+ | Posted by: emily - Los angeles, CA

“Blessings, dear Filip. You inspired me, always. ”
19 of 100+ | Posted by: Shawnna

“Go in peace Filip. The angels have you now in their celestial embrace. Span the universe now dear one. Seek the dimension of your dreams. Much love...Read More »
20 of 100+ | Posted by: Amy Spicer - Germantown, OH

“May you span the cosmos now. Freed from your physical shackle's you vivid mind will seek out the mysteries of the Universe you devoted your life to. ...Read More »
21 of 100+ | Posted by: Wesley Lawrimore - Lawrenceville, GA

“Embarking on your journey, I am hopeful you will help guide us to another dimension and plane of existence as you did here in this existence. We will...Read More »
22 of 100+ | Posted by: Sonya Lindquist - Fountain Hills, AZ

“Your knowledge, insight , perspective was and always will be of such great value. Many of us will miss hearing more from you. From wherever you may...Read More »
23 of 100+ | Posted by: Larry O - Wilkes-Barre, PA - fan

“God bless you Phillip. Your spirit & intellect have been a treasure to humanity. Hope to have some good alien-related discussions with you someday on...Read More »
24 of 100+ | Posted by: Mike - NY

25 of 100+ | Posted by: William Jah-Blessed Downing III

“A Great Man ....I always was amazed by his Knowledge...He's gone, but Never Forgotten..... ”
26 of 100+ | Posted by: john t franklin - houston, TX

“I just wanted to say that you will be missed! I will miss your wonderful insights and theories on the World's mysteries. I am SO sorry to hear you...Read More »
27 of 100+ | Posted by: Kelsey O'Toole - Seattle, WA

“Most of us got to know you best through "Ancient Aliens";you were charming and finely tuned to this World..a rarity....... I hope your travel to the...Read More »
28 of 100+ | Posted by: Angela Vaughn-Hausinger - Houston, TX

“Brilliance is too often taken for granted, then one day it is taken away. Then we realize how precious it really it. Filip is "brilliance" by...Read More »
29 of 100+ | Posted by: Connie Curts-Lawrence - MO

“So sorry to hear of Filips passing, he will be missed immensely! ”
30 of 100+ | Posted by: Tessi Redfern - Charlotte, NC

“Did some remenissing about you with Herman today. We will miss you dearly in 3D life daily life. But we'll hold your memory high. Dedicate every...Read More »
31 of 100+ | Posted by: Paul van der Sluijs - Gorinchem

“Although I am certain that Fillip's. spirit lives, that his perspective is now so much larger, and that he continues to serve the universe.... My...Read More »
32 of 100+ | Posted by: Gretchen Vandewater - Atlanta, GA

“Rest in peace. I greatly enjoyed your books and commentary. ”
33 of 100+ | Posted by: Linda Coy - AZ - a fan

“Filip, The day Giorgio ask for everyone to send energy and light to you to demolish this unwelcome intruder to your life I cant express the over...Read More »
34 of 100+ | Posted by: Lisa McCarver - Atlanta, GA

“Conheci-o do programa que passa cá em Portugal ancient aliens, e do pouco que conheci quer no programa quer no Facebook, era uma pessoa...Read More »
35 of 100+ | Posted by: Jaime Mateus - Coimbra - Portugal

“Philip was an amazing human Being--one of a kind. He made me laugh, and his kindness was awe-inspiriing. His Joy of life was contagious. He was an...Read More »
36 of 100+ | Posted by: Suzanne Ryan - France

“An honest man here lies at rest,The friend of man, the friend of truth,The friend of age, the guide of youth;Few hearts like his, with virtue warm'd...Read More »
37 of 100+ | Posted by: sandra and cris - scotland

“Filip Coppens ”
38 of 100+ | Posted by: Pamela Wolff - Modesto, CA

“Thanks for all you have done to better mankind ”
39 of 100+ | Posted by: Gary Holloway - Shreveport, LA

“It's impossible to adequately communicate the impact that you have had on our lives. In our minds' eyes we see, hear, feel, and remember the beauty...Read More »
40 of 100+ | Posted by: Bill and Robin Woodward - PA

“Philip was an amazing man of great humor and deep intelligence. May the space he left behind continue to flow with peace and love. We will be...Read More »
41 of 100+ | Posted by: Mia Anthony - Bloomington, IN

“So Sadden by the news, my condolences to your family and friends. I am such a fan of your work and your shows. My prayers go out to you and your...Read More »
42 of 100+ | Posted by: Rico Sanchez - Atlanta, GA - FAN

“May god rest you on piece ”
43 of 100+ | Posted by: Nabil Swelim - Cairo Egypt

“Remembering Filip on many episodes of Ancient Aliens. A icon of modern day ufology and end times. Filip seemed to alwas live much larger than earth...Read More »
44 of 100+ | Posted by: Justin Krieger - Cleveland, OH

“I am praying for you and your children, Kathleen. I can not imagine this loss for each of you. You and Filip had a mighty love, blessed by the...Read More »
45 of 100+ | Posted by: Lyndall Demere, Ph.D., Msc.D. - CA

“A beacon in the darkness never extinguishes with the passing of the physical form. Life passes, love endures. Alte Liebe rostet nicht (True love...Read More »
46 of 100+ | Posted by: J S Y Chu - London UK

“Filip's article on this crystal skull is the finest work on the subject ever written. He introduced Compassion to the world. We truly feel Philip was...Read More »
47 of 100+ | Posted by: Joseph Bennett - Ventura, CA

“It was an honor to meet you and hear you speak this fall. Thank you for all your wonderful brilliant work. You will be missed by so many. My...Read More »
48 of 100+ | Posted by: Sherlyn Rose - Boise, ID

“Condolences to those left behind. Farewell to the departed. Thank you, FIlip, for your contributions. ”
49 of 100+ | Posted by: Virginia Baysden

“Peace be with your loved ones, as you have arrived. ”
50 of 100+ | Posted by: Pati Lester - cincinnati, OH

“My heart and prayers go out to his family, friends, and fans. He will be greatly missed. ”
51 of 100+ | Posted by: Gail Owens - Las Cruces, NM

“This is so very sad. To have lost someone so young. I know how it feels I also lost my uncle the very same day. ”
52 of 100+ | Posted by: Robert Sargent - NY

“My deepest sympathy to Mr. Coppen's family and friends. I enjoyed his intelligent and informative commentaries on Ancient Aliens. A very sad loss to...Read More »
53 of 100+ | Posted by: Stephanie Senthirajah - Beaverton, OR

“You were an inspiration to both my husband and I. Your ideas, your researched was well respected by us. Rest in peace, Filip. ”
54 of 100+ | Posted by: Erykah Grande - Eagle Rock, CA

“I just read this....Philip, you will be missed. You are a tremendous inspiration. Speak to my dear daughter who moved on to her home past Orion's...Read More »
55 of 100+ | Posted by: Linda Cooper - UNIVERSITY PARK, TX

“Love and condolences. You are missed ”
56 of 100+ | Posted by: Scott - Orange, CA - Fan

“I would like to express my sympathy and condolences to the Coppens family. Filip was a genius in his field and will be sorely missed by fans and...Read More »
57 of 100+ | Posted by: Pamela M Kowal - Calumet City, IL

“RIP Filip Much Love and Respect from a fan.....see you on the flip side <3 ”
58 of 100+ | Posted by: Misty Dawn Baldwin - VA

“I am so very shocked and saddened to hear of Filip's passing. My memories of our meeting in France in May are very special. Kathleen, you are the...Read More »
59 of 100+ | Posted by: Mary Douglass - Big Bear City, CA

“simply put; "the flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long" - Lao Tzu xoxo ”
60 of 100+ | Posted by: Hayley G.

“Although I never had the chance to personally meet Filip, I so enjoyed seeing him and hearing his expertise on Ancient Aliens. I also never have met...Read More »
61 of 100+ | Posted by: Denise VanWoerkom - Grand Haven, MI

“If reason is for believing and believing is how we soothe our soul, all those who contribute to our develpment of reason will, consequently, soothe...Read More »
62 of 100+ | Posted by: Linda

“The image that comes to me re. Filip is a comet.... He came and shared his light and left far too quickly! Thank you, Filip, for all the gifts you...Read More »
63 of 100+ | Posted by: Jean Eilerman

“This beautiful man passed way too young. We have been so inspired by Philip and Kathleen and have learned so much. He shared Truth and Light in...Read More »
64 of 100+ | Posted by: Francesca & Donny

“My thoughts and prayers for the family. So sorry for your loss :( ”
65 of 100+ | Posted by: Carolyn king - Livonia, MI

“Blessings and love to you and all of the family Kathleen. ”
66 of 100+ | Posted by: LeeAnne Fontana Montes - WA

“I am so sorry that Philip has passed on. I so enjoyed watching him in Ancient Aliens and listening to his perspective on different subjects. In fact...Read More »
67 of 100+ | Posted by: Joy Bullen - Odenton, MD - fan

“Kathleen, I cannot begin to imagine your pain, your loss of your Beloved, Filip. Words are so wonderful - and yet at times like this ... there are...Read More »
68 of 100+ | Posted by: Susan Miller - Friend

“You will be missed but always remembered. A great author lives forever! And Filip was truly a great author. My deepest condolences. ”
69 of 100+ | Posted by: Carl Paughf - Winters, TX

“I may have not known you personally,but your knowledge through the Ancient Aliens series has made a big impact on my life. I see you as educator. I...Read More »
70 of 100+ | Posted by: Thomas Hicks - Sturgis, MI - Fan

“Mr. Philip: me and my family watched you in the show of History Channel , and we thank you for all the info and dedication that you had, we prayed...Read More »
71 of 100+ | Posted by: Romy Castillo Vollrath

“Filip's beautiful and endearing voice was so soothing and his writings, research & commentary have always been so enlightening. His passion and...Read More »
72 of 100+ | Posted by: Susan Epperly - Austin, TX

“Ancient Aliens will not be the same without him. We enjoyed his views and knowlege and learned alot from him. When we got to view his facebook page,...Read More »
73 of 100+ | Posted by: Riley Chipper Ruby - vandergrift, PA

“Unconditional Love and Caring to all of Filip's family. Wishing you some ease for your pain in knowing that Filip will be remembered by many, many...Read More »
74 of 100+ | Posted by: Carol Stodola - Grand Marsh, WI

“What adventures await you now.... ”
75 of 100+ | Posted by: Belinda Suvaal - rotterdam

“I'm sorry you had to leave so early Philip. I trust that it was your perfect path. Farewell and Godspeed. ”
76 of 100+ | Posted by: James Delnort - CHICAGO, IL

“Rip Filip mate, Huge fan and follower of Ancient Aliens and of all your work. Gonna miss ya and your were taken far to early. Was a sad day when I...Read More »
77 of 100+ | Posted by: Stuu Bodo - Fan

“Sometimes it is only with hindsight that we even begin to comprehend the enormous impact another has on us. Filip touched me so deeply and in so...Read More »
78 of 100+ | Posted by: Bette Brownlow - Greensboro, NC

“My heart is broken.You both have changed my life and will continue to do so...always. ”
79 of 100+ | Posted by: Robin Sanfilippo Liddy - FL

“Dear Kathleen and family you must be proud of Fliip he worked hard to inspire us with his knowledge, courage and insight to the only thing that is...Read More »
80 of 100+ | Posted by: sandra yule - Falkland Scotland

“His ideas let my imagination wonder endlessly. His memory will inspire and motivate all whom had the pleasure to watch him share his perspective. ”
81 of 100+ | Posted by: Uriel Valenzuela - Houston, TX

“Such a devastating loss...I looked forward to Tuesday evenings as I welcomed you into my home to hear your Spirit Revolution podcasts. I loved the...Read More »
82 of 100+ | Posted by: Cris LeClerc

“My deepest condolences to Filip's loved ones at this sorrowful time. HIs legacy will continue to inspire for many years to come, and we are so...Read More »
83 of 100+ | Posted by: Elisa Shields

“dear Kathleen I can hardly imagine what is like to lose your twin soul.. I haven't found her yet.. but it must be devastating... My thougts are...Read More »
84 of 100+ | Posted by: fabienne langedock - Gent

“We will always remember you ”
85 of 100+ | Posted by: Donna White - Fresno, CA

“Dear Kathleen, I can not find the words to express the sorrow that I feel for you, your family and Filip's family. I pray that you find comfort in...Read More »
86 of 100+ | Posted by: Denise Aldilaimi - Portland, ME

“My prayers are with Filip's family,friends,co-workers, and all of his fane. He was a great guy. ”
87 of 100+ | Posted by: Bert Duckwall - Oak lawn, IL

“Dear Ones of Filip: please be comforted by all of us who have never met him but loved his gentle manner and deep wisdom. Filip taught when he spoke...Read More »
88 of 100+ | Posted by: Kate Dooley - Joplin, MO

“Dearest Flip, You have been here for only a short time but you have taught us so much. Your work has enlightened all of us. You will be missed!!! ”
89 of 100+ | Posted by: Suky Jones - Boston, MA

“It wasmore than obvious that Filip Coppens is a person with a very kind and gentle soul. I am so very sorry for your loss. His fans (including me)...Read More »
90 of 100+ | Posted by: Aida Severini - Chesterfield, MI

“Walk amongst the stars Teacher of the Light. Your legacy is imprinted and will continue on.... ”
91 of 100+ | Posted by: Irene Rodriguez - Rancho Vista, CA

“My thoughts and prayers are with you Kathleen and family at this time. ”
92 of 100+ | Posted by: Yvonne - Wellington New Zealand

“Thank you Filip for inspiring me. You are a very kind soul and I look forward to meeting you in Paradise. I will always pray for God to watch and...Read More »
93 of 100+ | Posted by: Carrie Squires - Whittier, CA

“May you soar to all of the places and dimensions that welcome such a gentle soul. You will be missed. ”
94 of 100+ | Posted by: Anne L. Michaels - Houston, TX

“We will miss Filip!!! Lots of Love to his wife, Kathleen and his family. ”
95 of 100+ | Posted by: Jacqueline and Lloyd Siverts - WA

“You will be sadly missed on Ancient Aliens and the History Channel. I was intrigued by your knowledge, which inspired me to read your books. Rest in...Read More »
96 of 100+ | Posted by: Mike Burnau - Lafayette, IN - Fan

“I first discovered Philip while watching the pilot of the History Channel series Ancient Aliens back in 2010. From that moment he touched my life...Read More »
97 of 100+ | Posted by: Connar Frazier

“My sincerest condolences to the family and friends whose lives Filip touched. A kind and gentle soul gone far before his time. Mr, Coppens, I hope...Read More »
98 of 100+ | Posted by: Greg

“Dearest Filip and Kathleen, our deepest and most heartfelt love to you during this time of transition. There is much love to soothe us all. Filip...Read More »
99 of 100+ | Posted by: Jacqueline Haga and Michael Lingenfelter - CO

“I finally met Filip in person when he came to visit Malta 2007-2008, the tiny Mediterranean island country with a deep and layered history that I...Read More »
100 of 100+ | Posted by: Susan Waitt Sliema, Malta, Europe

Filip Coppens, 41, born on January 25, 1971, in Sint Niklaas, Belgium, passed away on December 30, 2012. He was an international best-selling author known for his progressive and in-depth research into life's mysteries. Known as Philip Coppens in his professional life, he was a regular contributor and presenter in the History Channel's popular show, "Ancient Aliens." He was a mystic and a mentor to so many. Filip was married to author Kathleen McGowan, who he called his "twin soul" and was proud to be the stepfather to her three sons. He is survived by Kathleen and the children, his parents Anita and Leon, and his brother Tom. Filip shared his life with Kathleen in Europe and the US, and resided in the Los Angeles area at the time of his passing. Filip will be buried beside the Chartres-style labyrinth at the top of the hill in the memorial park, a place he loved and where he first proposed to Kathleen. Arrangements are under the direction of Forest Lawn, Glendale, CA.